Why Drones?

Over the years, the drone has evolved both in size and use. It was the use of drones by the Obama administration in the US that brought much more attention to it. Most of the surveillance and attacks done in Afghanistan were done by the drones enabling the reduction in the number of troops the US had there to 12,000 from over 70,000. The drone is also used in Rwanda to deliver emergency blood and drugs to accident victims in places where help may delay if the traditional methods and vehicles are to be used. Besides these, the drone is slowly mutating into a more all encompassing device, embracing even more functions some for entertainment and security among others. What, can drones be used for?

Drones can be a great source of fun. The flying enthusiasts will always find the drone quite intriguing. There are so many types made even smaller and with more adaptable features to make it safe for those wishing to fly them for fun. Also, they are not very expensive as technology evolves making their production more economical as the materials are easily available. It is all enjoyment for those wishing to be pilots and are passionate about flying. What makes it even more fun is the way it is controlled from a smart phone. It is like a video game coming out live.

Drones have changed the art of photography specifically the ‘selfie’. Dobie, a drone manufactured by Zerotech technologies is an example of the selfie oriented drones. Weighing less than a kilo and small enough to be placed in a pocket, this drone can be used to take selfies and other photos from many angles including aerial position. It can be made to take a number of photos in a burst as it follows the target person. The photos taken are controlled from a smart phone which also acts as the remote control and the key to the photography. This means that one can take a photo of a person some distance away but within the range of control by the smart phone or re mote control. The cameras are usually powerful enough to give clear photos from whatever angle and easily accessible through the smart phone acting as a remote control. Also, the photos can be easily uploaded to the various social media sites as the drone creates its own wifi hotspot through which the phone remote is connected and the phone can also be used to share the photo experience using the created network. The drone can also be used to take short videos depending on the available memory capacity and battery life. The videos are also unique due to the angles of view and can cut costs on production of music videos or movies as it cuts out the possible use of planes to get some angles of view and perception mostly from the air.

Some drones are a good ground to give one a virtual experience. Ghost Drone is another type of drone that can be used to take breathtaking photos and videos. It also has another addition- it can transform the photography to a virtual Reality experience. The device is compatible with Google VR goggles with which the ‘pilot’ or photographer sees the places the drone is flying over from its camera lens. This means one can decide when to take the photos and the result is usually very beautiful. Also, the drones here can be used for surveillance. This makes the work a bit easier as one can see things as they are on the ground while at the same time controlling the device meaning you can follow the ‘suspect’. There is much more that the drone can do- and be sure it is not disappointing.

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