How We Turned The Backyard Into An Outdoor Theater

We love to entertain, and our backyard parties are legendary in our neighborhood. We pride ourselves on being the house that always has the cool parties. All summer long we have barbecues and picnics and Smore making nights around the fire pit after baseball games or pool days. But this year we really wanted to take things to the next level. So we decided to turn our backyard into an outdoor theater and host movie nights for the neighborhood on Saturday nights all summer long. Sounds ambitious, I know, and we weren’t sure how we were going to pull it off. Then we found Cinebox.

Don’t forget the popcorn

What is Cinebox?

CineBox is an big inflatable screen that comes with a DVD projector that projects HD quality images onto the screen. It’s amazing. And the screen comes in several sizes ranging from 9 feet to a huge 20 feet. If you choose a screen size larger than 9 feet make sure that you invite the entire neighborhood or you might have neighbors calling the cops on you for erecting a giant screen in your yard.

I was amazed at how easy it was to get the screen set up. And since it’s an inflatable we could position it anywhere that the ground was level. We also sometimes put it on the deck. And if you are worried about annoying the heck out of your neighbors there is a sound muffling attachment you can put on the pump that is used to blow up the screen so that your neighbors don’t have to listen to an annoying high pitched whine as the screen is going up.

You can play your favorite games on them too!

How is it?

Since you can use any DVD you can show any movie that you want and the HD quality is very good. Obviously it’s not as good as fancy 4k TV but it’s pretty good for a movie that is being projected onto a giant inflatable screen. We tell everyone to bring a lawn chair and snacks and have everyone come down to watch a family friendly movie as soon as it gets dark on a summer night. Some people always forget chairs so we put out some inflatable pools filled with pillows and blankets where people can lay down and watch the movie. They are also great for corralling the smaller kids who often fall asleep before the movie ends.

We love our CineBox system and we love having the house in the neighborhood that everyone wants to gather at. If you want to be that house in your neighborhood you should really consider getting a CineBox system. It’s amazing that you can have an outdoor home theater thanks to modern technology. A CineBox system would also be fantastic for an outdoor wedding party, graduation party, or birthday party. Check out the CineBox system for yourself.