The Best Comedy Shows On Netflix

There are tons and tons of Netflix subscribers out there. While everyone has their own preferences, there are certain shows that just about anyone can appreciate. That’s what makes comedy shows so successful on Netflix. They’re great for watching, whether someone is by themselves, just had to catch a cheater, or with a big group. If you want to watch some shows with your friends, you really should know about these popular comedy shows.

Top Netflix Comedy Shows

The Office

There are a lot of people who have Netflix just so they can watch The Office. Along with many other people, it’s my favorite show ever. It went on for 9 seasons before the producers discontinued it. Most of the seasons starred Steve Carrell as Michael Scott, a branch manager of a paper company in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The Office is filled with strange interactions, as well as awkward exchanges, between the characters. If you haven’t seen it, it’s never too late.

Parks and Recreation

Another great comedy you can watch on Netflix is Parks and Recreation. It premiered a few years after The Office and even featured some of the same actors. Plus, Parks and Rec came on right after The Office when the shows were still releasing new episodes on NBC. Parks and Rec follows the story of a group of people that work for the Department of Parks and Recreation in Pawnee, Indiana. It’s a rural area and the townspeople are a bit weird, which what makes this show so good. It’s a great way to cheer yourself up if you found out that you had to catch a cheater in your relationship.

Family Guy

While Family Guy is a great and successful comedy show, it’s a bit more crude than some of the others on this list. It’s a cartoon that takes after other animated shows for adults, such as The Simpsons and South Park. Although it’s not quite as vulgar as South Park, Family Guy can still be quite offensive. But maybe that’s why fans love it so much. Family Guy’s brutal honesty covers all sorts of topics, including religion, politics, video games, and other aspects of pop culture.


People still love Friends.
Friends is still one of the best comedies out there.

This isn’t up for debate – Friends is undoubtedly one of the most popular comedies of all time, especially among women. Not only did it help Jennifer Aniston rise to stardom, but it was one of the longest running comedy shows. Do you like comedies with tons of episodes? Then you’ll appreciate Friends, if you haven’t already seen it.


Futurama is another animated comedy show that’s extremely popular. It’s a little different from some of the other shows on this list, as the cast of characters includes a robot and aliens. Even though it’s no longer on TV, it’s still popular among its fans.


Netflix offers a lot of great shows, and some of the most popular ones are comedies. They’re great to relax with after a long day of work, or to cheer you up if you should ever catch a cheater and end your relationship So if you’re looking for more comedies to watch on Netflix, you should really give these shows a chance. And if you haven’t already, be sure to check out some of the best Star Wars films before the newest one comes out next month.