The Best Shows and Movies for a 4K TV

4K TV’s are becoming the TV-to-own in homes across the world. Though cable and satellite providers aren’t able to provide content at this level of quality, there are a ton of people out there that are purchasing these TV’s and hoping to make the most of them. The good news for 4K TV-owners is that there is plenty of content out there that will make the most of the TV that is now in their living room. Those that are wondering what shows or movies will look best on their 4K TV have come to the right place. Netflix shows and movies are offered 4K, but not all of them. I would love to watch Avengers Infinity War in 4K. 


Netflix Shows in 4K

4K Content on Netflix

If you are willing to pay a few dollars more a month, there is content on Netflix for a 4K screen. Those that are wondering what content on Netflix fits this criterion you can look it up online. There are a ton of popular shows on Netflix that take advantage of a 4K TV. Popular shows like Stranger Things and Chef’s Table are available too. This creates an amazing viewing experience that can not compete with regular TV. You won’t even want to check your cell phone spy, you’ll be that distracted. 

Movies on iTunes

What many people aren’t aware of is that the iTunes Store now offers 4K content as well. The interesting thing is that not all new movies are available in 4K, at least not yet. Some of the movies that are available to be seen in 4K include Dunkirk and Deadpool, however. Interstellar and The Revenant are also on the list. Look in the iTunes Store, just go to the “Movies” section and search “4K” in the search bar. You can get so many things on iTunes including music, music videos, movies and more. 

Ultra-HD Blu-ray Movies

If you have a standard Blu-ray player you’d think it could maximize all the potential of their new 4K screen. The problem is that they are wrong. In order to get everything out of a TV with this many pixels, one will need to upgrade to an “Ultra-HD” Blu-ray player. These players go for at least $200, but those that have already invested in a 4K screen and have a large library of Blu-ray movies. I know I love watching Blu-ray movies, although nothing compares to being in a movie theatre.  


Netflix Button On A Remote

Should You Get It?

A 4K screen is one of the most popular things to own right now. The thing with 4K is that it is the future, which is why so many videographers are forced to upgrade to 4K-quality cameras in order to “future-proof” what they create. At the end of the day, if someone is willing to pay for a 4K television then it makes sense that they should make sure that their content is enabling them to get what they paid for with the TV in the first place. It’s worth paying more for a Netflix subscription in order to see all the pixels that you are paying for. If you enjoyed this, check out my last post about the dark night.